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Personal development,
at scale powers forward thinking organisations towards exceptional personal development. It’s simple to start and engages talent to continuously self-improve.

All the features you'll need

Take learning and development further with an
exclusive online space for your organisations'
resources and frameworks.
Suits your style

Branded with your organisation's logo and colour scheme to fit alongside your other online resources.

Scalable and automated

All your resources are available in the same online space so you can boost accessibility and engagement.

Insights and data builds learning data automatically to give your organisation rich visual analytics.


Every learning moment is captured automatically and can be shared across the organisation.

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Create learning content

  • Easy Authoring

    Create rich multimedia learning resources easily
    with's built-in editing tool. No technical
    expertise necessary.

  • Boost engagement

    Build your resources into an engaging learning
    journey with built in quizzes, awards, reflections
    and events.

“ is an exciting new online system that can help students drive their personal development. The team at has bright and innovative ideas that relate to the needs and aspirations of the modern student and help to make personal development and employability activity interesting, fun and rewarding.”
Gunter Saunders
Associate Director Digital Engagement
Business features

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Continuous upskilling is essential to career advancement in the modern workplace

In a fast changing environment, continous
up-skilling has emerged as the answer to how we can equip employees for the lifelong learning workplace.
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