with personalized
feedback reports

Create surveys that automatically personalize feedback reports based on survey results.
Trusted by organisations and experts sophisticated in survey design.

Sophisticated surveys +
personalised feedback reports.

Create delightful surveys experiences

Design engaging self-evaluation surveys with a sim- ple and powerful editor. Take your audience on a journey of self-discovery they will enjoy.


Set up scoring logic to personalize feedback

Set up survey logic that automatically calculates survey results for users. Each question can map against a specific attribute, enabling granular measurement and scoring.

Beautiful,feedback reports, personalzied to every user

Customize visual feedback reports that get automatically personalised based on results. Including dynamic elements including charts, videos, recommended next steps and resources .


Re-test and measure
‘distance travelled’

Enable assessments to be retaken and help users understand their ‘distance travelled’ – how they have changed.

From self-evaluation to development

Recommend resources, workshops, events... personalised to every learner, based on their survey results.

Perfect for...

  • Skills and competency assessments
  • Psychometric tests
  • Situational Judgement Tests
  • Resilience and mental wellbeing surveys
  • Graduate attributes assessment
  • Career readiness assessment
  • Career interest diagnostics

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