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learning, at scale. makes it simple to launch and run extra-curricular learning programmes that will engage all your staff and students.

Insights and data builds learning data automatically to give your institution rich visual analytics.

Content discovery

Personalised recommendations make it easy for students to discover new playlists.

Learn anywhere

Built for all devices, big and small.
Student's learn at home and on the go.

Create learning content

  • Easy Authoring

    Create rich multimedia learning resources easily
    with's built-in editing tool. No technical
    expertise necessary.

  • Boost engagement

    Build your resources into an engaging learning
    journey with built in quizzes, awards, reflections
    and events.

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jisc step up report

Download the report was one of the first software applications for education institutions to achieve Jisc Assessed Certification.
Step up assesses emerging startups against key sector requirements, awarding the ‘assessed by Jisc’ badge to those that can be trusted to deliver technological innovations and sustain a high level of service for as long as customers need it.
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“ is an exciting new online system that can help students drive their personal development.”
Gunter Saunders
Digital Engagement
“Potentially challenges our students to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, perhaps for the first time. We see this early learning point as providing them with a stimulus for further personal growth.”
Luke Millard
Head of Centre for Excellence

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