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Take learning and development further with an exclusive online space for your organisations' resources and frameworks.


Engagement can’t be guaranteed, but good learner experience design can go a long way. Can engagement be a feature? We are trying our best to make it one!
Learner Experience
Learner experience design matters. folio's clean user interface helps to focus learner attention and allows you to curate engaging learner experiences.
Goals and Badges
Digital badges and awards functionality make it simple to set learners clear learning goals and reward them for their engagement.
Progress Charts
Visual progress charts give learners a sense of progress, they help them to understand where they are and what to do next.
Time set aside for learning and personal development is precious! When life gets busy, automatic, personalized notifications help
to bring learners back to your programme.

Connecting the dots.

Watch the video, reflect on your experience, attend the workshop, log your volunteering hours, take a test, complete the form - whatever you want to include in your blended learning programme, with you will find it simple to connect the dots into a seamless learning journey.
Ami-Cards are the building blocks of Ami-cards can hold any content you throw at them and make it shine (Ami-card – friendly card!)
Ami-cards sit on playlists, which can hold as many diverse Ami-cards as you want. Events, test, online learning, blend it all together into a seamless learning experience with playlists.


Self-directed learning is key to personal growth. That’s why makes it easier than any other system to capture everyday learning moments and make them count.
The link to that article you read, the ted talk video, the short reflection, the picture of a work situation, the event you attended... capturing everyday informal learning moments is simple with folio.
Self-organizing folio
All learning moments are captured in folio. Smart algorithms help busy users to automatically categorize moments and keep the folio organised. Folio is fully searchable and filterable, giving every learner a powerful, up-to-date learning record.
Folio for life
Folio belongs to the learner, not the organisation. It stays with the learner, wherever their professional life takes them.
MyGrowth tracks learning concepts captured in a user’s folio, giving users a visual sense of progress in their personal development.


Learning needs guidance. offers you a number of ways how you steer learners into the right direction, while giving them a high degree of autonomy.
Frameworks’s powerful frameworks functionality enables you to set reference points to guide learners. Add existing professional frameworks to your organisation, or easily create your own, including defining multiple competence levels (e.g. professional standards frameworks, career readiness frameworks, graduate attribute frameworks, skills frameworks, apprenticeship standards...)
Recommendations, powered by
In, you can create self-assessments for learners that dynamically generate personalized feedback reports. Leaners takes the test, and gets a personalized report. Even better, these feedbackreports can automatically recommend learning resources based onresults. This provides a simple mechanism to very effectively tailorlearning to learner level.
A powerful tagging function enables you and learners to organise learning and make it easily searchable and findable.
A simple recommendation system allows members to discover relevant learning opportunities at their organisation.

Power tools for admins.

Managing members, groups, roles and privileges... it’s all there. Plus a few extra tools that will make your life that much easier and free up your time...
Workflows & Automations
Our workflow system makes it quick to set up simple automations, such as automatically sending reminders if learners have been inactive for a while, ore reminding them of deadlines, automatically unlocking a new playlist on completion of a goal, etc. Sit back, have a coffee, and let the platform move your learners along.
Single-Sign-On (SSO) and integrations
As a modern application, folio is easy to connect and integrate with other systems.
Export your data to your favourite analytics tool, including e.g. support for tableau.
Portability with xAPI uses xAPI to store your learning data, enabling maximumdata portability and future-proofing learner records.

Content Store. includes a fast-growing bank of resources for personal and professional development that you can make available to your learners.
Content store
Take advantage of best practice learning resources around personal development, career readiness, digital skills, etc.
The Personality Indicator is a highly popular psychometric test. Building on the most scientifically accurate Five-Factor model of personality, it helps leaners to understand their strengths better, and also produces a team-role inventory and a Jungian (MBTI) personality type feedback report, all from a single questionnaire experience.
Contribute to the wider learning community
Have you created a best practice resource that could benefit the wider professional community? Share it via the folio Store and build recognition and following.

Sharing and recognition.

Sharing learning is rewarding and the fastest route to getting it recognized. offers learners a number of social learning features.
Public folio
Learners can publish
their folio online to be discovered and shared..
Public playlists
Offer learning to the public
by publishing your playlists
to the global content store.
Shared moments and playlists
Convene and curate your internal learning community.
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