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If you noticed that the logo looks a little different, you’re correct! As much as we loved the days of wordmark logo design when it was trending in 2014, it turns out that with smaller and smaller devices releasing every year, a wordmark logo doesn’t scale well.

So in anticipation of our public launch, we put our heads together to design a logo that looks great, big and small.

Here’s a comparison:

Old logo

New logo

What’s important to us

For us, the new logo ticks a lot of boxes for our core beliefs and embodies our mission to unlock the potential of the human mind, to better ourselves and by consequence, society:

✓ Green to symbolize growth
✓ Soft font shows that learning doesn’t have to be hard
✓ A circle symbolizes totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness and all cyclic movement

We’re really happy with this logo and if you would like to give feedback, let us know here.

Where can I see the logo?

With the upcoming public release our logo is more prominent across the platform and can be seen from the navigation bar to playlists, as well as our website. If you see a playlist with our logo, you’ll know it’s original content developed by learning designers.

We’ve made other design changes so keep posted for future updates.

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