Developing & showcasing everyone's career readiness.

Easily create, deliver and track thousands of personalized employability and professional development experiences.
Then share the success.


Capture development

Make it simple for learners to capture their everyday learning with folio.


Showcase & suggest opportunities

Drive engagement to your content, events, etc or use the content bank to build a highly engaging experience.


See and share progress

Set-up competence frameworks and automatically build up and show progress across capabilities


The professional development record you want to return to.

folio - Capture all moments of learning

Make it super simple for learners to capture their everyday learning and map it against goals and frameworks.

My Growth - Visualize personal and professional development

All activity on the platform, by engaging with your content, going to your events or logging their own learning builds up students’ profile.
Visualise progress


This gives student a goal to work towards, they can also easily share with each other or showcase to employers learning experiences,


Combine diverse learning experiences into a seamless journey.

Curate: Add it all to your playlists!

Reflection forms, event attendance, time logs, online exercises, portfolio learning, watching videos ... curating learning with Potential.ly is simple and fast.

Add Logic

Take your existing resources, services, events and turn them into interactive learning goals and workflows with a simple editor.

Beautiful presentation helps discovery

All learning opportunities and resources are displayed in learning cards: Easy to discover, interactive, fully searchable and fully mobile responsive.


Engagement built-in.

Personalise resources and learning paths

Personalize discovery with self-assessments that automatically adapt content to every learner.

Notifications & Reminders

Set up trigger points for automated notifications to nudge students to success.

Badges & Gamification

Add learners goals, progress visuals and let students earn digitalbadges.



Potential.ly Admin Features

All the tools you need to enable effective portfolio learning at scale


Set up frameworks for competence development from graduate attributes, apprenticeship standards to professional qualifications and turn them into progress goals.

Content library

Potential.ly includes a fast growing bank of premium personal and professional development resources, incl. the pi Indicator

Awards and badges

Use goals, progress visuals and digital badges to engage learners.

Workflows & Automations

Guide thousands of learners on their pathways with automated processes and notifications that are simple to set up.


Demonstrate the impact you are making with Analytics & Reporting.

Full suite of admin tools

Manage members, groups, roles and privileges with powerful administrative tools.

Authoring cards and playlists

Turn your resources into interactive learning experiences with Learning cards and Playlists.

Authoring self-evaluation assessments & reports

Create self-assessments that generate personalized reports and automatically personalize resources based on results.

API - Easy to integrate

Single-sign-on, xApi, integration with your LMS or third party applications  potential.ly is easy to connect and integrate.